The quilts are blankets, as well as throws or wall objects.

All of them have a front and back side made from used and vintage fabrics and completed with slow hand stitches.

With a significant influence on the designs the focus is therefore on recycling of existing and discarded, as well as vintage textiles
and redefines the long and internationally very popular tradition of quilting.

In addition, eco-friendly techniques are applied and enhanced to dye selected fabrics with partially self-made plant dyes in order to make quilting as sustainable as possible.

All new materials needed come from ecological production.                             

Upon request, quilts can be ordered in various sizes and designs or assembled as „memory quilts“ from the client’s personal collections.
Each quilt is unique and 100% handmade.
Let the organic flow grow!                                                                        

All quilts are for sale, prices on request.


Juliane Solmsdorf

1st Opening Reception December 6, 2015